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We welcome you to Greene River Marketing as we celebrate our 21st year of providing Premium Florida Citrus to the world. You are extremely important to us and we consider our relationships with each of you to be very special. It is because of our customers that we have achieved amazing success in an ever changing industry. Though many aspects of the citrus industry have changed we have always maintained our promise of quality products and personal service. Greene River grows and manages over 6000 acres of citrus and we market in excess of 2.5 million cartons of Florida Citrus. We are fully aware of the fact that each of us has a vested interest in the financial success of each other. Greene River’s attention to detail and quality is our benchmark. We value these qualities from growing, harvesting, packing selling, service to our customers and employee relations. We will never waiver from this philosophy as it has served our growers, customers and employees well. You are always welcome in our groves and packing facility. We strive to completely understand your goals and to do our part to deliver a product that will meet the most stringent of demands. Never hesitate to contact us with any request or question. Thank you for making the decision to do business with Greene River Marketing, Inc.

J. Patrick Rodgers, President 

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Our commitment to outstanding customer service and quality citrus has been recognized by Sunkist Global Sourcing. Prior to the 2013-2014 Florida Citrus Season Greene River Marketing and Sunkist entered into a licensing agreement. This agreement established that Greene River Marketing and its’ affiliates will pack Florida Grapefruit in the world famous Sunkist Brand and market the Sunkist brand throughout North America. The Sunkist Sales team also markets the Florida Grapefruit to its’ current customers in North America as well as Internationally. We enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship as Greene River has the opportunity to market the number one brand in Citrus and Sunkist is able to extend its product line throughout the world.

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